As an independent association, the Network unites professionals in education in the ambition of sharing and creating front-line teaching and learning in order to develop education and training. One main characteristic of the Network is the welcoming and excellent atmosphere when people communicate and meet.

The rationale of the Network is a number of coinciding shifts of paradigm deriving from the information society and creating major challenges to the educational community in all parts of Europe, such as:

  • transition from teaching to learning, and the creation of professional learning communities,
  • transition from factual knowledge to advanced knowledge and understanding of context, and
  • teachers, leaders and trainers must themselves be in the process of continuous learning.

Living in the information society creates a demand for flexibility and open-minded approaches to solutions. Education needs to be proactive, to provide for elements of lifelong skills and is required to comprise responses to global and local challenges. The network discusses and contributes to answers on these vital issues for the future. 

All professionals in education and training across Europe have the possibility to participate in European training courses. European five-day training courses are composed of participants from many countries and, in addition to interesting content, they bring an inspiring European dimension to the training.

In the European Erasmus+ Programme participation at training courses is called mobility – Key Action 1 (KA1). Schools/institutions/organisations apply to their own National EU Agency for Erasmus+ funding in order to send staff to training courses.

See the list of eligible countries for Erasmus+ funding. (pdf)

Courses arranged by the network

You find information about the European Erasmus+ training courses organised by the Learning Teacher Network on this site.

Over the years many hundreds of colleagues in Europe have participated in our courses. We wish you warmly welcome to apply for and participate, which are appreciated opportunities for learning and networking.

The Learning Teacher Network’s PIC number is 949014633 .

Old courses can be found in the archive section.