The Learning Teacher Network’s 12th International Conference was held at the four star Marselis Hotel in Aarhus, Denmark on 21-23 September, 2017 with the title ‘Re-thinking Education’.

The focus of the 2017 Conference was “Quality Education” and investigated how to empower learners, schools and teacher educators to re-think education and its practice with the purpose of learning and educating for sustainable development.

Locating the 12th International Conference to Aarhus was no coincidence. During 2017 Aarhus and the 18 other municipalities in Central Denmark Region were the European Capital of Culture with the overall theme ‘Re-think’. The focus was on three core values: Sustainability, Diversity, and Democracy.

A wide range of interesting events occurred in Aarhus this year, and the theme of the conference matched very well the theme of the cultural capital year.

The Learning Teacher Network’s 12th International Conference was composed of very rich content and high quality presentations, with internationally highly recognised keynote speakers and a selected number of sessions of workshops, lectures, and paper and poster presentations.