There is always joy in learning and networking…

The Learning Teacher Network conferences have a justifiable reputation as one of the highlights of the education conference year. Since the first conference, in Portugal in 2004, our conferences have grown both in number of attendees and in the scope of what we do.

We have keynote speakers of the highest reputation, including senior United Nations officials, astronauts from the ISS andinternationally acclaimed experts on many aspects of teaching and learning.

When you take part in the network’s conferences we believe you will gain new knowledge and experience and also enjoy professional and social networking with colleagues from many countries.

The network welcomes school practitioners, trainers, researchers and other educational experts within the whole range of education from pre-school to universities. The relaxed and highly professional atmosphere and our philosophy ‘Trust, respect and fun’ make the network and its events unique.

“One of the things that make the LTN conferences so amazing is that although you learn lots (and there are many conferences where you don’t) you have so much fun doing it and you get to make many new friends.” – quotation from a LTN member.

Read about our upcoming international conferences and other events, learn about previous ones and register your participation in the next one. Welcome!