There is always joy in learning and networking at a LTN education conference…

Professor Charles Hopkins - LTN education conference

Since 2003 The Learning Teacher Network has acted as a significant European player for exchanges of professional experience, for presentations of findings in research and practice, and for enabling and encouraging the professional debate on learning and the new role of the teacher.

The LTN Annual Conference offers a platform for professional debate on current educational trends and challenges, as well as for the dissemination of new or pertinent knowledge in the thematic field. The Conferences address front-line topics and provide for content, which is based on the sharing of research and new knowledge, experience and good practice. By promoting creative work and ideas the conferences highlight new possibilities and support innovative action in education and training. Among the wide range of conference presenters the network actively welcomes LLP projects to share their findings and results.

In the recent years, the Conferences have been centred around Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Education for Sustainable Development and Creativity are two of the key focus points for the Learning Teacher Network educational events The experience of 15 years has positioned the LTN among the top organisations to promote ESD and make new bonds and partnerships that share our goal to make the world fairer and more equitable, in line with the UNESCO 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The network welcomes school practitioners, trainers, researchers and other educators within the whole range of education from pre-school to universities. The relaxed and highly professional atmosphere and our philosophy ‘Trust, respect and fun’ make the network and its events unique. Renowned keynote speakers and presenters embrace a holistic view on education and are concerned with professional development in education and training.

The goals of LTN’s Conferences are supporting, developing and promoting good professional development practice, international exchanges, the creation of new networks and projects, and the thematic interaction between educational players.

Furthermore, in order to link and exchange knowledge and experience, improve teaching and learning and portray best practice, we value the opportunities to hear from those who are on the frontlines of education – teachers! Through the numerous sessions at the Conferences, this exchange is possible.

“This unique  network promotes a new generation of teachers who will be capable of understanding a new era through perceiving the processes influencing our children.

In 2003-2006, the Learning Teacher Network helped to gradually transform the role of European teachers. From static omniscient teachers they become dynamic “life long learners”. The movement gathered momentum and still continues very successfully in the form of an association today. Collective activities brought together highly skilled professionals and out of those came a continuous flow of valuable materials at the service of change and improvement.”

The European Commission DG EAC

Why attend the Conference:

  • The “atmosphere”/climate within the network: “trust, respect and fun”
  • The composition: the full range of professionals in education and training
  • The management and leadership
  • The stability in high quality products and activities
  • The ability to progress, take new steps and produce new activities
  • The addressing and inclusion of front-line issues and the “helicopter perspective”