What We Do

The Learning Teacher Network (LTN), works with teachers and educators around the world to promote a vision of education as a means of creating and maintaining a sustainable world.

The Network’s range of activities includes:

  • Organising international events, such as conferences, training courses, symposia, seminars and meetings, to ensure the dissemination of new or pertinent knowledge in the thematic field.
  • Supporting, developing and promoting good professional development practice, international exchanges, the creation of new networks and projects, and the thematic interaction between educational players.
  • Gathering and disseminating information on all aspects of front-line policies, teaching and learning in education and training.
  • Offering consultancy and advice on the development of policy and practice

All the activities listed above target a wide audience including professionals from pre-school – compulsory schools – upper secondary schools – adult education – teacher training – universities – support services – learning centres – local and regional authorities.

We do this by holding conferences, seminars and courses, generally around the themes of creativity and education for sustainable development.

We also have a good online presence, with a highly active LTN Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram presence.

We warmly welcome new members so if you would like to join us on our journey please do. Our community is now one of the friendliest, most productive in the education field. We’d love to add your skills and enthusiasm to the LTN.