Teachers and the Nobel prices

Teachers and the Nobel prices

On Sunday, December 10th,  2017 the Nobel prizes were distributed. The chair of the Committee mentioned during his opening speech the start of a new initiative regarding teachers: the Nobel teacher. For this speech go to https://www.svtplay.se/video/16238102/nobel-2017-prisutdelning/nobel-2017-prisutdelning-10-dec-16-25?start=autoummit  

Minute 13-15

“Nobel Teacher Summit is an international event held by the Nobel Education Network, a global grouping for teachers and school leaders and the core of our initiative. The initiative builds on the ability of the Nobel Prize to inspire people to seek out knowledge, to ask questions and to attempt to understand and improve the world.

Nobel Teacher Summit 2017 was held 6 October 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden and featured Nobel Laureates Shirin Ebadi, Herta Müller and Bernard Feringa, as well as other prominent speakers and hundreds of teachers from all over the world.

Please join the Nobel Education Network for future activities, news and information.”

“Without great teachers, no new Nobel Laureates. Therefore, teachers and students are especially important to us.”

“Our school activities offer a broad range of school programmes for school classes at the Nobel Museum as well as teacher training and a teacher’s network, with the focus of boosting creativity, ‘scientificity’, subject specialization and much more to benefit the faculty. The focus is on strengthening teachers’ positions and encouraging exchanges between teachers from different cultures and countries.”
“The conference will be a yearly forum, where teachers from around the world annually gather around the discussion of a topical issue.”

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