The 2019 LTN Conference in Dubrovnik: From Theory to Action – A Creative Response to ESD

LTN Conference 2019 - Dubrovnik

The 13th Learning Teacher Network Conference;

From Theory to Action, A Creative Response to ESD

April 11th – 13th 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia

ESD in action is all about citizen engagement. It is the collaborative energy generated by educational creativity, community action and ethical corporate participation. Transformation is possible only if the objectives are clear and shared by all the partners. How do we reconcile economic growth with sustainability? How does a democratic society encourage citizens to reduce consumption to allow effective climate change to take place? How do we ensure that international agreements on temperature reduction are implemented and supported by nations that are contributing to the problem significantly? There are no magic answers or instant solutions, only a commitment to real creative endeavour to find answers.

The Learning Teacher Network wants and is contributing creatively to the solution. Through its activities, projects, links to teacher education programmes and wide international membership, it has been consistently promoting and advocating for ESD for over a decade now. There is a need to find creative solutions and to bring together the substantial learning of the network on ESD from the last decade and redefine how it can be translated and harnessed into the future needs of society. The LTN is aware of some fantastic work/projects/educational programmes going on to address these concerns. Our conferences are the ideal platform to showcase and share all of these activities and creative ideas.

The Dubrovnik conference is the perfect opportunity to engage and contribute to this serious and potentially life changing issue. We do not have time to waste. We need a set of responses now that is immediate, has a high impact and is sustainable for the entire planet. Creativity is the key to this solution. If we keep doing the same thing, we will only get the same result. The recent UNESCO-GAP Position paper on the future of ESD (2018) is very clear on the challenge ahead, The pedagogical implications of this understanding are not few. Opportunities to launch critical inquiry, exposure to realities, relevance to our own lives and the presence of influential peers, mentors or role models, as well as tipping moments, play an important role in empowering individuals to take decisive actions. Formal education alone is not enough. Non-formal and informal learning taking place in the community provides learners with the critical opportunities to relate them to realities that concern them and to be influenced to take the necessary actions”.

Education, both formal and non-formal is the foundation stone to finding creative solutions that will make the difference. The LTN has a vital role to play in this process. We want as many people and networks as possible representing all aspects of education to come to Croatia in April 2019 and be part of the solution. Bring your ideas, your energy and most importantly your creativity and share your solutions, thinking and actions with like-minded colleagues and friends. This is the biggest crisis ever to face the human race and ESD has the solutions and the will to find the answers and look at our planet and resources in a new way. Do we have any other choice?

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