Old Conferences

The Learning Teacher Network’s conferences have been in many wonderful locations throughout Europe. These past conferences had delegates from more than 20 countries in Europe and beyond who met to learn, to share knowledge and experiences, and to network in a great atmosphere.

2004: Towards the Teacher as a Learner
Albufeira, Portugal

2005: Learning for the Future
Prague, the Czech Republic

2006: A European Vision of Teaching and Learning
Ljubljana, Slovenia

2007: Continuing Learning Journeys
Eastbourne, England UK

2008: Values, Equality and Learning
Vienna, Austria

2009: Creative Learning for a Sustainable World
Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011: Leadership for an Inclusive and Sustainable World
Berlin, Germany

2012: Creating Knowledge and Wisdom in Education and Training
Nice, France

2013: Education for Sustainable Deveolpment
Lisbon, Portugal

2014: International Seminar on Education for Sustainable Development: “ESD at the Crossroads”
Istanbul, Turkey

2015: Innovation for Development in Learning and Sustainability
Zagreb, Croatia

2015: International GAP Seminar 2015: “Capacity Building for Educational Action in ESD”
Edinburgh, Scotland

2016: The 11th International Conference: “Empowering the Teacher of Tomorrow”
Tallinn, Estonia