The last magazine of the year 2017

With this edition, we have been wrapping up the production of publications for the year 2017.

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 In the past 8 years we have produced 31 editions of the LTN magazine, with 325 authors from 49 countries. All this has been achieved with the significant support of the late Magnus Persson. It was a great privilege and honour to present to you the latest educational trends and news, especially when it comes to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

In this edition we have 12 contributions, from Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, the UK, Ukraine, Greece, Austria and Spain.

  • As fake news has become a widespread concept nowadays, we thought it might be interesting to know more about what is happening in schools in this regard. Thomas Nygren (University of Uppsala) and his colleague Fredrik Brounéus sent in a report about their research. And right now the BBC just reported that they will also start a project on recognizing fake news in the UK in March 2018.
  • Several articles are related to presentations and workshops during the conference in Aarhus last September. For example: The role of NGOs in international education programmes (UK), a report about the subject Sloyd in Sweden, a subject which is hardly known outside Scandinavian countries, the Braingym concept and the role within Sustainable Development and more information about the Reggio Emilia approach in Italy. This approach is especially interesting (and maybe well-known) for those who work with pre-school children.
  • Finally there are some articles about ESD and also about MOOC and the difficulties to learn via Massive Open Online Courses – an important ‘new’ phenomenon; ERASMUS reports, contributions about food, hygiene, disadvantaged schools, ESD in Sweden, active learning techniques in teacher training etc.

In short, a very interesting edition, especially for the dark(er) and colder days to come.

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