A really interesting report on the future of learning

A really interesting report on the future of learning

report has just come out that looks at cyberlearning and its impact on education

Here are five reasons why you should download and read it:

  1. The report explains what cyberlearning is and sets it in the context of a history of learning scientists and computer scientists working together.
  2. It describes six “commitments” in this research community that drive the work forward and make it distinctive.
  3. It illustrates a set of promising new design genres, such as “virtual peers and coaches” and “digital performance spaces.” These designs shed light on how the next two decades of learning with technology may be very different from the last two decades.
  4. The researchers highlight advances in scientific methods that can drive this work forward, such as the ability to combine multiple, rich data streams to study how people learn and also advances in how we can involve learners and teachers in the design of learning.
  5. The report looks to the future, suggesting strategic “big ideas” that can serve as guideposts for a future of learning technology innovations that go far beyond what we have today.

It makes for very interesting reading. Check it our here.

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