Are you proud of your teacher education?

Are you proud of your teacher education?

Looking for the proud teacher and her/his education on the internet I only found: students proud of their teacher, teachers proud of their students, teachers proud of themselves, how to make your teacher proud of you and are you proud of your school?               

Nothing so far about teachers proud of their teacher education. Is/was there something wrong with our education as a teacher? Are teacher training colleges that bad? Or do we have bad memories?

I know that many former student teachers are saying that they learned most from school practice, being a trainee. When I was a teacher trainer, I remember wondering, “What happens with the knowledge I try to teach you, the advice and tips in all my lessons? Are they of any use? And now I am asking what is it that (young) teachers still say? “Forget all those lessons. Daily school reality is the best learning place.”

But what is learned in daily practice? Is it just technical solutions for daily problems in a classroom?

I can hardly believe that teachers have learned nothing at their teacher training/education college. Still, at the same time, I have to admit that when I left teacher training I remembered most about subjects that were not that important during my daily school practice. I wished they had told me more how to solve all kind of daily school problems.

So looking back: It looks as if in the past teacher education indeed tried to make an intellectual of me (school practice was not so important;  cognitive knowledge was the focus) and nowadays it is support for school practice, the mastering of competences , which are the most important. But whatever has been emphasised during teacher training (in 3 years or 4 years) over the last few decades (knowledge or practice)  it has NOT made teachers say that their education was excellent and helpful. No, not a word or it is negative.  I don’t understand that…..   

Newly certified teachers are absolutely willing to advise the college to improve their training and yet if you ask these young teachers: “Did you learn a lot at  the teacher education college for your professional career.”, the answers are open, vague, neutral or negative. What should teacher training colleges change to make a difference for the future?  I can hardly imagine that their role is of no importance, that everyone can become an excellent teacher. That is hard to believe. You all are excellent teachers, otherwise you would not have read this post! And that is not because you were already born a good teacher!

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