European Gold Award

Comenius gold medalIn 2009 the Learning Teacher Network was honoured with the European Gold Award 2009 as the best project within the European Lifelong Learning Programme, category Comenius. The year’s prize recognised creativity and innovation. The award was given by the European Commission’s Director General for Education and Culture.

The award ceremony took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 7 May 2009 at the European Conference on Innovation and Creativity in the Lifelong Learning Programme. The conference was organised by the European Commission in cooperation with – and within the framework of – the Czech Presidency of the European Union. The award was presented to the network coordinator Mr Magnus Persson by Mr Jan Figel, member of the European Commission for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, and Mr Ondrej Liska, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports in the Czech Republic.

The official citation

Comenius gold Magnus

“This unique Comenius network promotes a new generation of teachers who will be capable of understanding a new era through perceiving the processes influencing our children.”

Since 2003-2006, the Learning Teacher Network has helped to gradually transform the role of European teachers. From static, omniscient teachers they should aspire to become dynamic “life long learners”.

The movement gathered momentum and continues to develop and prosper, very successfully, in the form of an association. The Network’s collective activities have brought together highly skilled professionals and out of those activities have come a continuous flow of valuable materials at the service of change and improvement.”