Our Story – Education for Sustainable Development and the LTN

Happy teachers - working on education for sustainable development


Education is about empowering, not only preparing people to make their best contribution to the world but also becoming the best person they can become, in a positive, inclusive and caring way. Education for sustainable development means that future generations will not be adversely affected by the actions of the current generation.

The Learning Teacher Network is an independent, non-profit, European educational network and association, which organises practitioners and educationalists at all levels of education and training, to achieve this aim.

The Network started as a Comenius 3 Network within the European Socrates Programme, funded by the European Commission during the period of 2003 to 2006.

As such, and expressing the European dimension, the network was composed of 26 partner institutions from ten countries and covered all levels of education and training. The network worked in the thematic areas of learning and ‘the new role of the teacher’, which basically is the case still. The network was given a high rating by the Commission and the moral support from European authorities is strong also today.

During the funded period the network successfully organised annual international conferences, published three ‘state of the art’ publications, and arranged a number of European in-service training courses and contact seminars. The latter resulted in a dozen new and EU funded Comenius school partnerships and multilateral projects.

In 2006 the Network delivered to the Commission ten recommendations for European educational action. Six of these recommendations targeted the educational community and four called for European initiatives.


Sustained and independent

In 2006 the Network was transformed to an independent and membership-based educational and international association. The Network is growing each year in the number of members, countries and activities, and is forming its own policies.

The Learning Teacher Network arranges international conferences, seminars and training courses, and produces publications. The Network keeps its appreciated character of being a vital meeting point for professionals from the entire educational world, thus playing a significant role.

The Network aims for capacity building and to strengthen the exchange of professional knowledge and experience, but also to become a leading player in the professional debate to impact on educational change. The network makes a difference.

Magnus Persson - Founder and former president of the LTN - working towards education for sustainable developmentn late 2014 the Network processed and delivered conclusions on ESD, which were formulated into nine recommendations for consideration in the implementation of GAP/ESD and addressed to UNESCO, governments and the educational community.

From 2015 the Learning Teacher Network became a UNESCO GAP Key Partner, committed to the implementation of the UN/UNESCO Global Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development (GAP/ESD). As a Key Partner the Network addresses the capacity building of educators and trainers, and helps catalyse further activities by other stakeholders.

In November 2016 the Network suffered the loss of its founder and President, Magnus Persson. His untimely death shocked us all to the core and caused massive disruption to the Network. Now that some time has passed it is clear that the network has entered a new phase. Magnus’ dream is not only alive still but is thriving, growing ever stronger and more relevant in a world where creativity and sustainable development grow more important, not only in education but across every area of life.

As we move towards the future the LTN is developing into one of the prime ESD organisations. Our conferences and courses are highly popular and very well attended. We have members around the world and continue to work with other organisations around the world that share our goal of making the world a better place through education.

The Learning Teacher Network, through its activities and findings, demonstrates, shares and makes evident how European networking brings improved professional competence and added value to all. The main objective of this example of networking targets the growth of professional competence and the transfer of gained experience to influence learning strategies and processes. The LTN is envisaged as a European platform for professional debate and exchange of experience.