European projects

European projects

Are you involved in a European project? 
The Learning Teacher Network has been interested in your innovative school projects for more than a decade.

The Network started, in their early period, to organize seminars where schools working with children of similar ages could meet and find out what they had in common. Interest in innovation was the key focus. Two seminars (Dublin, 2004, Ljubljana, 2005,) were organized where interested schools came together to look for what they had in common. In total, some 15 projects were developed and sent in to ‘Brussels’ asking for financial support.  Most of the time there were 1 or 2 projects (covering teacher training activities) and furthermore pre-schools and schools for primary education were thinking about new European common activities. After the LTN’s subsidized period came to an end the Magazine was founded (2009) and many times reports of projects were sent to the network Magazine. Magnus Persson, our late president, was asked several times to be the external advisor/evaluator. The LTN Magazine was, and is still open for reporting. The reason is that such projects show that Europe still need people, teachers, NGOs who have ideas, who have plans, who are concerned about education, who need a platform to get a wider audience to announce their innovative ideas and experiments. And here we are at the point that we see that the purpose of European projects is that kids and youngsters who are always involved in these projects, will get better education. 

So, the Magazine ( is looking for project reports to publish about what you and your European colleagues have been developing for education in Europe. Your colleagues will appreciate that. Absolutely! And it will be much more appreciated if you can give a voice to the kids and youngsters for and with whom you were working.

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